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Customers are looking for solutions offering the advantages of vehicle rental but without any long-term obligations. Our short- and middle-term rental offer is a simple and flexible product.

Short-term rental contracts give our customers the possibility to use our vehicle fleet whenever they need it, so they can be sure of full control over their business.

Special offers

Discount – 10% for short term rental for new Fraikin customers!

Fill out the form and get a discount: Discount coupon valid 30 days after filling in the form. Promotions can not be comined.


of the rented vehicle. With this insurance, the client does not have to worry about accidental damage to the windscreen and additional costs associated with it. Fraikin will ensure the replacement or repair of this damage without charging client.

Price from 70 CZK / day

Fraikin’s innovative solution is a new service for measuring temperature while vehicle in operation, based on temperature detectors.

The device allows the customer to fully monitor the conditions of the temperature during loading, during the transport of the goods until the final unloading of the goods from the compartment.

GPS monitoring

uses state-of-the-art GPS system that enables you to retrieve telematics data in real time, vehicle position, driving style, consumption, speed, etc.

Price 50CZK / day

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Why rent a vehicle from Fraikin?

  • 18+ vehicle rental points in Poland

  • Simple and quick rental procedures

  • Possibility to use vehicles in the entire EU

  • 111,000+ vehicles in our fleet

  • The largest short-term rental vehicle fleet in Europe

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